Galaxy s iii manual pdf download

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galaxy s iii manual pdf download

  • Samsung Galaxy S III Mini (3) User Manual Guide
  • Download: Page Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I User Manual [PDF]
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY S III USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib
  • Samsung galaxy s iii manual pdf download >
  • Your Google account is listed in Settings under My accounts. Page 60 2. Tap Google and then tap Existing. Enter your Gmail username and password, and then tap Next Basic Operations Page 61 4. Choose whether or not to back up your data to your Google Account and whether to receive communications from Google.

    Your Google account is listed in Settings under Accounts. Choose from a wide variety of free and paid content ranging from productivity apps and games to bestselling books and blockbuster movies and music. Page 63 2. Tap Accept to continue. Browse through featured apps. Your credit card is not charged and the app is uninstalled from your phone.

    Page Update An App Update an App Depending on your settings, many apps will update automatically, or you can update apps directly from the Play Store app. Update an App Directly 1. Page 66 3. Set Automatic App Updates 1. Page 67 2. Note: Automatic updates are unavailable for some apps.

    Get Help with Google Play The Google Play Store app offers an online help option if you have questions or want to know more about the app. Lock and Unlock Your Screen Your phone allows you to quickly turn the screen off when not in use and to turn it back on and unlock it when you need it. Swipe your finger across the screen to unlock it.

    Before Updating Your Phone Updating your phone may result in a loss of saved data depending on the condition of your phone malfunctioning, damaged, water seepage, etc. You must back up all critical information before updating your phone firmware. Tap Update Samsung Software. You may be required to power your phone off and back on to complete the software upgrade.

    Page 74 1. Locate the System update available icon in notifications. Drag the Status Bar down. Tap to open the System updates screen. Tap Download and follow the onscreen instructions. Page Update Your Profile 2. Janual the Baseband version read-only field. Update Your Profile This option allows you to downolad update your online user profile information.

    If you choose to change your user name and select a new one online, you must then update the user name on your phone. Page 76 2. Tap Update Profile. Follow the onscreen instructions. Note: If your data services or account syncing ever seems downlaod go out unexpectedly, use this feature to reconnect with the network.

    Tap Update PRL. You can customize your Home screen by adding application icons, shortcuts, folders, widgets, and more. The notification area of the Status Bar on the left displays notifications for Notification Area incoming messages, missed calls, application updates, and more.

    Samsung Galaxy S III Mini (3) User Manual Guide

    Page Extended Home Screens Extended Home Screens In addition to the main Home screen, your phone features extended Home screens to provide more space for adding icons, widgets, and more. Press Home to display the main Home screen and then drag across the screen to move from the main screen to an extended screen. There are up to six extended pvf available in addition to the main Home screen.

    Page Status Bar Status Bar The Status Bar at the top of the Home screen provides phone and service status information on the right side and notification alerts on the left. To view the Notification Panel or access the quick settings menu, slide your finger down from the top of the screen.

    From there, you can check notifications, download updates, open messaging apps, use the quick settings gaoaxy, and more. Page 85 Notification Panel Layout The Notification Panel gives you gallaxy both downloax notifications and the quick settings menu. Your Phone Interface Page Multi Window Multi Window Multi window allows you to use two apps on the same screen, in separate, resizable windows.

    See Notification Panel more information. Display Multi Window After you enable Multi window in Display settings, you can control whether Multi window displays on the screen for easy access to its features. When Multi window is enabled, it displays on the left side of the screen by default. Close application: Closes the active application.

    Customize the Home Screen Learn how to set the wallpaper and add, move, or remove shortcuts, widgets, and folders from the Gzlaxy screen. Select which wallpaper to set: Home screen to set the background wallpaper for your Home screen. Widgets are self-contained apps that display on a Home screen.

    Unlike a shortcut, the Widget works like as an onscreen pdr.

    Download: Page Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I User Manual [PDF]

    There are all kinds of widgets, including links to a specific contact, Internet bookmarks, Gmail and email accounts, and many others. Drag the icon to an empty location on one of the Home screens. Add Folders to the Home Screen You can group Home screen shortcuts into folders for convenient access. Downloae home, touch and hold a shortcut you want to place in a folder, and then drag it to Create folder 2.

    Type a name for the folder and tap OK. Place and Answer Calls The following topics describe how to directly dial calls, how to answer incoming calls, and how to use the in-call screen options. From home, tap Phone to display the phone screen. If necessary, tap the Keypad tab to display the dialer screen.

    Page Call Emergency Numbers 3. Tap to call the number. The call begins when the other party answers. Troubleshooting Problem: Call does not dowwnload.

    SAMSUNG GALAXY S III USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

    Solution 1: Was the number dialed using the correct area code? Solution 2: Are you in an area with poor wireless coverage? Try calling again from another area. Page Answer Phone Calls 3. When you place an emergency call, the GPS feature of your phone seeks information to calculate your approximate location.

    Page Mute The Ringing Sound 2.

    galaxy s iii manual pdf download

    Page 97 Reject a Call and Send a Text Message You can reject an incoming call and automatically send a text message to the caller. When a call arrives, drag up from the bottom of the screen. In-Call Screen Layout Tap options to activate them during a call. Place a Call from Contacts You can place phone calls directly from entries in your Contacts list.

    From home, tap Phone to display the phone app. Page 3. Tap a contact. Tap Call next to the number you want to call. Tip: You can also place a call directly from the Contacts list. Tap Logs to display the Call downolad list. Phone App Tap an entry to display the call details.

    Samsung galaxy s iii manual pdf download >

    Tap Call to place a call. For additional options, tap the name or number. To end the call, tap The call ends. Depending on several variables, including availability and access to satellite signals, it may take up to 30 seconds to determine and report your approximate location. Page Caller Id Blocking 2. Touch and hold to dial your voicemail number.

    Follow the system prompts to: Create your password. Call Waiting is automatically reactivated once you end the call. Conference Calling With conference calling, also known as 3-way calling, you can talk to two people at the same time.

    galaxy s iii manual pdf download

    When using iiii feature, the normal airtime rates will be charged for each of the two calls. Page 2. Once you have established the connection, tap Add call, and dial the manual number or place the call from Logs or Contacts. When you are connected to the second party, tap Merge.

    Your conference call is downllad in session. Page Call Forwarding Call Forwarding Call Forwarding lets you forward all your incoming calls to another phone number — even when your phone iii turned off. You can continue to make calls from your phone when you have activated Call Forwarding.

    Note: You are charged a higher rate for calls you have forwarded. To activate Call Forwarding: 1. Call Settings Options Use the Call Settings menu to adjust the following settings: Setting Description Set majual call rejection Create or edit messages to reject incoming calls.

    Page Use the Call Settings Menu 1. Page Contacts 3. Configure your options. Tap a menu item to display its options. Contacts The Contacts application lets you store and manage contacts from a variety of sources, including contacts you enter and save directly in your phone as well as contacts synchronized with your Google Account, your PC, compatible email programs including Exchange Serverand your Facebook friends.

    Tap to add a contact. If you have multiple account types associated with your phone, select a contact downloar. Page Message alert: Choose a ringtone to play for pdf messages from the contact. Enter a phone number and tap Add to Contacts. To add the number to an existing contact, tap Update existing.

    To add a new valaxy, tap Create contact. Page Check Contacts 4. Tap Save. You can also access falaxy directly from the Contacts shortcut or the apps list. Page Contacts Screen Layout 2. Tap a contact to view its details. Favorites tab Show all contacts. Contacts tab Show favorite contacts. Tap galxay show thumbnail of contact entry.

    Tap an icon to place a call, send a message, Image etc. Tap Pdg 4. Galxxy any field you want to change or add. See Add a Contact. Page Delete A Contact 5. Add or edit the information, and then tap Save. Delete a Contact You can delete a contact from the contacts details page. Tap OK. In the Share namecard via menu, select a method: Bluetooth to send the information via Bluetooth.

    Drive to save the information to your Google Drive account. If prompted, select an galaxy account. Page Import Contacts Import Contacts Download phone offers a couple of options for importing contacts from external storage or installed memory cards. Before Importing Contacts from an SD Card You will need to have installed downliad SD card with previously backed up contacts information into your phone before you can import contacts.

    Page Back Up Contacts 2. Select a destination for the imported contacts. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the import. Tap Export to SD card. Tap OK to confirm the export. Follow the onscreen instructions galaxu complete the export. Text and Multimedia Messaging With Text Messaging SMSyou can send and receive instant text messages between your wireless phone and another messaging-ready phone.

    On the Messaging screen, tap Compose. The Compose screen opens. Fill in one or more recipients. You can: Enter phone numbers directly in the Mankal recipient field. As you enter information, any matching phone numbers from your contacts list are displayed. Page Tap Recipientsand then select the contacts to whom you want to send the message.

    When you have selected all the message recipients, tap Done.

    Tap the Enter message field and then start composing your message. Note: A counter appears below the Send button to tell you how many characters you have entered and how many characters are left. Tap a match to enter that number or address directly. Page 4. Tap the Enter message field, downlosd then start composing your message.

    Tap 6. See Google Maps. Tap the space for the slide.

    To compose your slideshow, do any of the following: Add a picture. Page New Messages Notification 2. Tap the message to resume editing it. When you finish editing the message, tap Send New Messages Notification Depending on your notification settings, the phone will play a ringtone, vibrate, or display the message briefly in the Status Bar when you receive dowjload new text or multimedia message.

    To change the notification for new text and multimedia messages, see Text and MMS Options for details. Page Manage Message Conversations Manage Message Conversations Text and multimedia messages that are sent to and received from a downooad or a number are grouped into conversations or message threads in the Messaging screen.

    Text or MMS conversations let you see exchanged messages similar to a chat program with a contact on the screen. Read a Text Message 1. On the Messaging screen, tap a multimedia message or conversation to open it. Tap the attachment to open it. For more information, see Contacts.

    Page Reply to a Message 1. On the Messaging screen, tap a conversation to open it. Messaging and Internet Tap the text box at the bottom of the screen, enter your reply message, and then tap Send Note: To reply to a text message with a multimedia message, open the text message, tap Attachment. The text message is automatically converted into a multimedia message.

    Delete Conversations 1. Select the conversations you want to delete, and then tap Delete. Page Delete Message Delete Message 1. While viewing a conversation, tap Galaxj 2. Select the messages you want to delete, and then tap Done.

    Galaxy S3 mini. Solutions & Tips, Download Manual, Contact Us. Samsung Support UK. May 15,  · Download: Page Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I User Manual [PDF] If you've been dying to find out just how many pages Samsung needed Reviews: Samsung Galaxy S III Mini User - Free download Ebook, Handbook, Textbook, User Guide PDF files on the internet quickly and easily.

    You can set the downoad Default messaging app: Set your default messaging app. Drag the Status Bar down to display the Iii Panel. Tap the message thread you want to view. Page Archive Gmail Threads 2. Tap a label for the thread. Archive Gmail Threads Remove sent and received Gmail threads so they do not appear in the inbox.

    When replies arrive for archived threads, they appear in the inbox again. Page Mute Gmail Threads 2. Mute Gmail Threads If registered on a mailing list, there will be threads with always-continuing conversations. For long threads that are not important, mute the threads and they will no longer appear in the inbox.

    Page Delete Gmail Threads 2. Delete Gmail Threads If you no longer wish to keep a Gmail conversation thread, you can simply delete it from the inbox. Page Search Gmail Messages 2. Search Gmail Messages If you need to find a specific message or message thread, you can search Gmail from the inbox.

    Manual Search iui. Tap a message or thread from the list to display it. Tap Google, and then tap Existing. Page Switching Between Gmail Accounts 3. Enter your Gmail username and password, and then tap Next 4. Follow the prompts to set up your account. Switching Between Gmail Accounts If you galay more than one Gmail account set up, you can switch between them in the Gmail app.

    Tap Inbox 3. Tap the account you want to view from the manuao at the top of the menu. Ppdf Up an Email Account Your phone supports several types of email accounts and allows you to have downloac email accounts set up at one time. Add an Email Account from the Email App You can add email accounts directly from pdf email app, even if you have another email account set up.

    Follow the manyal instructions to complete the account setup. Follow the onscreen instructions to set up your email account. However, you can also access some powerful Exchange features. Increase your productivity by attaching files such as pictures, videos, or documents to your email messages. Enter the message recipient ssubject, and message.

    Tap the new message from the Notification Panel. If you have two or glaaxy new email messages, tapping the notification opens the email inbox. Reading and replying to email on your phone is as simple as on your computer. Page Delete An Email Account Delete an Email Account Download can delete an email account from your phone if you no longer wish to receive messages for the account on your phone.

    Tap Delete 4. Select the account s to delete, and then tap Delete. View Your Email Inbox 1. Tap galaxy email account at the top of the screen to select a different inbox, or tap Combined view to see all your email inboxes at once. Page Exchange Activesync Doownload Features Exchange ActiveSync Email Features Set manual for your corporate Exchange ActiveSync email messages, including synchronization kanual, flagging messages, out-of-office messages, meeting requests, and message priority.

    Page Set Your Network Options 1. Data Connection Status and Indicators Your phone displays mxnual current status of your data connection through pdf at the top download the screen. The following symbols are used: Icon Status Page View Browser History 3. Check or change the bookmark title, URL, etc. Tap History tab and then ii an entry.

    Page Browser Settings 3. To switch windows, tap Windowsand then touch a thumbnail. Activate and setup. Popular topics. Samsung info. This online tool will help you identify and resolve problems with your device. File Name: samsung galaxy s iii manual pdf download. Watch book of mormon free online.

    The young and evil book. Love quotes pf movies and songs galaxg books. Iii about movies and books. Image Gallery 3 Images. Google's new Pixel Stand isn't launching alongside the Pixel 6 It's still listed as "coming soon". Share Share Tweet Email. Artem Russakovskii Articles Published. Read Next in software. Google throws devs a bone and lowers the Play Store's cut galaxy subscription fees across the board.