Electroneum pool miner v1 2 download

25.09.2021 By Debbie Johnson

electroneum pool miner v1 2 download

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  • Open the folder that was unzipped, typically called xmr-stak-win Run the file called xmr-stak. This opens a step-by-step system that will help us configure the miner for the first run. So type 0 zero to decline and hit Enter. Enter cryptonight in lowercase letters and including the underscore. Hit Enter. There are many pools which mine Electroneum, and you can see a list of the largest pools here.

    I suggest you use Spacepools, since they have a low fee of 0. If you decide to use Spacepools, enter pool. There are other ports dowjload which you can view here, but should definitely work. For Fairhash, enter pool. Next, it download for your username or wallet address. This can be either a paper wallet address electroneum the address of your online wallet login to view your public wallet address.

    Wallet addresses are pretty long to enter manually, so it would be better to copy and paste them. But pasting in the command line requires a trick. Some command line interfaces allow you to simply right-click and select Paste. Also, when copying pool wallet address from your paper wallet, first paste it into a clean text file and remove the spaces so that the address is all on one line.

    Then copy and paste it into the miner software. When you flectroneum multiple computers mining to the same wallet address on the same pool, each machine will be identified by this rig identifier in the statistics. You can also just leave it empty and hit Enter.

    At the question about nicehash, type the letter n and hit Enter. Finally, at the question about multiple pools, type the letter n and hit Enter. The software is xownload configured! A new window will open that does the downlpad mining. Messages will pop up one after the other as the miner communicates with the pool.

    This will be the signal that your computer is mining successfully. You have probably chosen the wrong algorithm. To correct it, open the pools. To see how fast you are mining, press h in the miner window. This will display a table with the hash rates of your computer over the last 10 seconds, 60 seconds, and minute interval.

    Each CPU core is assigned a unique number in the ID column, and its corresponding performance is displayed next to it. A table for GPU is also listed, if available. Copy your public wallet address into the field saying Your Stats and Payment History and press Lookup.

    The number of coins you earn at any given time is also inversely related to the following two network parameters updated after every block :. You can view the current and historic difficulty and total hash rate in our statistics section. Once your coins have been paid out into your paper wallet, you can download view your paper wallet balance or import it electroenum your online wallet.

    Electroneum ASIC friendly now. Mine keep showing as New block detected. Can someone help me? I need more information to be able to help you. What miner miner you using? Did you make exclusions on your antivirus software to ignore the miner, or disable your AV? Mining requires CPU to mine, however if you have a MultiCore CPU, you can set it to use only some of the cores to mine and reserve the other cores to work.

    For example, lets say you have a 6 core CPU, you can put 2 cores on mining and leave 4 for your laptop so you can work. With electroneum said, its still fun to do. Network error downolad Date Error text [pool. And then, my CPU is cooling down not working … Can ;ool help me fix this? Does spacepools show you logged in and hashing?

    You also want to make sure your antivirus is not stopping the miner as well. In order to be effective, you will need a ASIC miner. You can try it for fun if you like, but will most likely spend more power than the ETN it will produce. Based on OpenCL mining code pool wolf But how much is the payout limit on desktop, because my desktop has been mining for 4 days but nothing coming into minerr wallet yet.

    The payout threshold depends on the mining pool you are mining to. It sounds like you are mining solo, which means you are trying to mine a block all by yourself. With the current difficulty, it will take you years to mine a single block and get the reward of about 7, ETN. I strongly urge you to join a mining pool.

    In electrkneum way, you are combining your efforts with lots of other miners and will get smaller awards every few days. It works out about the same — you should make the same profit in either case, but the pool option shows profits much faster. Which device are you using to mine?

    Hi Ben. Thanks for the effort! Is it not necessary to sync the blockchain with the daemon anymore? I found this list of ASICs you can look into. Reboot might help. Miner for the great article… I think I am mining. However, when I press h it gives values for CPU cores but gives a 0.

    Also when I input my Electroneum wallet address on Spacepools it says address not found?

    Releases · electroneum/electroneum · GitHub

    Therefore, it takes a while before your miner sends any proof of work to the pool server to prove that he is working on a hash. When you try to check your balance the pool has not heard from your miner yet, which is why your address is not found. How can I find the right time to mine at a faster rate? I am a newbie so excuse me for asking dumb questions.

    You can check your potential earnings at Whattomine. The best time to mine is during times of low difficulty. You can check out a graph of difficulty here. Can you please help me? Possible driver i ssues or wrong vendor driver. When you try to check your balance the pool has not heard from your miner yet, which is why the address is not found.

    The miner is working. And also I have a worker named worker1. Does that have to do with this or not? My guess is that your hash rate might not be able to compete with that of the ASIC miners and therefore your computer cannot find a hash pool time to send to the pool.

    Not sure what the problem is. Hi, wonder if you can help me. Is this right now? It says cryptonight in the pool. How do I calculate reward based on hashrate? What is its equivalent to ETN at difficulty b? You will need to determine what portion your hash rate forms of the overall hash rate. Note that the current block reward is about 10, ETN every 2 minutes.

    So if you multiply the reward by 0. There is a calculator for this on Whattomine. I just downloaded it. Moreover it has logged in the pool and the hashrate is fine. If you are mining with anything other than an ASIC miner at the moment, I doubt that you will have a lot of success.

    I have high hopes for this one. The ASIC hardware typically comes with their own control interface. It should be able to mine the Cryptonight algorithm. Make sure you have one that can mine the Cryptonight algorithm not Cryptonight V7, not Cryptonight Lite, not anything else — only Cryptonight. Electroneum forked back to the original Cryptonight algorithm yesterday.

    Open your pools. Hello Ben. I am a newbie in mining. Want download ask some questions. How do I know my hash rate? Can one actually know when the difficulty level drops or rises? You can view your hash rate on-screen by pressing h in the miner window, like I described in the article.

    Can we still use the xmr-stak version on the link here? Yes, you can still use the same xmr-stak version. Simply open the pools. That should do the trick. Unfortunately, though, ASIC miners are being allowed to mine again with the update. The ETN you get per day will be much less than you get now.

    The re-introduction of ASICs had the effect of stabilizing the blockchain and spreading the mining effort over more devices as opposed to being concentrated in a few big centralized locations from time to time. Block times are now at an average of 2 miner again.

    Prior to the fork, rented hashing power had the effect of producing block times ranging from seconds to hours. One cannot run a mass-market coin at scale with block times varying like that. The software asks you for the algorithm you want to mine, but has not yet updated their settings to reflect the new Electroneum algorithm.

    Not by much, but there will definitely be a difference. Imagine buying a car and using it to do business deliveries every day for 12 hours a day, instead of just driving it occasionally when you need to get from point A to B. The first option will make the car wear out faster.

    Only stratum pools are supported. Weight must be an integer larger than 0. You can either mine to your online wallet address or to a paper wallet. Now: Logging in… [ ] : Difficulty changed. You cannot mine Electroneum with an ETH wallet. Electroneum is not an ERC20 token and therefore will not work. Just keep mining.

    Thanks, everything works fine, I am just not sure what to do when I restart the computer? Might be a silly question, but I am new to mining. Thank you. When restarting your computer, simply launch xmr-miner. When I complete the miner setup, I get this message. I have updated the download on my graphics card and restarted the computer.

    Any ideas? Press any key to exit. Is it right that my virus killer is reporting attack from etn. Yeah, since the software is fairly new and runs in the command line, many anti-virus programs might spot them as viruses. Sir, I have completed my first mining through PC by going with your instructions. Can you please tell me how I can know the number of coins I mined and how we can start mining again?

    If you set up the xmr-stak miner before, you can resume mining by just running the xmr-stak. I am mining using 3 different pools and using my Paper wallet of Electroneum to hold coins. I then transferred Electroneum from my paper wallet to my Electroneum wallet.

    When I look at my Spacepools account it tells me there are 3 payments of I electroneum imported from my offline wallet but nothing has shown for 2 days now. How can I find out where they have gone can I use the tx hash to see what wallet it has gone to? You can check the transactions by searching for the transaction electroneum on the block explorer.

    Enter the public key and private view key of your paper wallet there, and it should show you which of the outputs in the transaction has gone to your paper wallet. Take note that these keys will be sent to the server to do computations, but it is perfectly safe to do. Which could be the problem.

    I can see hash rate and everything looks fine but I get nothing. Is that normal for 6 hours of mining? The difficulty drops low enough for mining ETN to be profitable. The amount of hash power they buy is enough to drive the difficulty up considerably and decrease the profitability. The difficulty then slowly drops again, mining ETN becomes profitable again, and the whole thing starts over again.

    You can view a graph pool difficulty here to see what I mean. So I think you were unfortunate to mine during a time when the difficulty was very high. Thus your pool was not getting any miner and the rewards was negligible. You might be right.

    Now I see that I have 0. Thank you!

     · For example Pool 1. Pool URL: paginaswebcolombia.co Pool Login: Your Electroneum public wallet address (if you don´t have one, go to paginaswebcolombia.co and get one by signing up). Click ”Add pool” on the right! Step 4: Start mining. To start mining you just need to click the start button from the CPU paginaswebcolombia.coted Reading Time: 4 mins.  · Electroneum Mining Rewards and Electroneum Mining Difficulty. As mentioned, cryptocurrency miners earn rewards for verifying transactions. These are both the transaction fees, as well as a reward set by the code itself. The Electroneum mining reward goes to whichever miner (or pool of miners) solves a complex computer problem.  · Download MultiPoolMiner for free. Multi-algo, multi-pool, multi-device controller. Monitors crypto mining pools and coins in real-time and finds the most profitable for your machine. Simply edit a batch file with your Bitcoin address or username and start mining.5/5.

    Should be. Please open the pools. Can someone please explain why on earth a mediocre Snapdragon processor can beat an i5 laptop processor by far on mining this thing! The i5 processor will perform actual mining, like with every other coin. It will compete with other computers and GPUs. Mobile mining, on the other hand, is simulated.

    Mining is not actually being performed on the device. The app was meant to put ETN into the hands of everyday people. But the coins on which it operators is still a real blockchain, and the real mining is being done by computers and GPUs. Use no if unknown. You need Windows 10 to use fast memory without UAC elevation.

    I would also like to find a solution to this as I am struggling to get past this message: Elevating due to Windows 7 or 8. You need Windows What should I do? Followed the setup above and no good.

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    Can you please tell me if something is wrong? Is there something wrong with the fork? Or has the balanced transferred somewhere else? You would think you would get something in 24 hours. Pending Balance: 0. Your effective hashrate will always be displayed in your miner software Total Hashes Submitted: The difficulty is extremely high right now due to the effects of ASICS leaving the network after the fork, as you can see here.

    So even the guys with large GPU rigs and lots of hashing power are not getting much. However, the difficulty should start getting back to normal again after block You can keep an eye on the current block height here. Also, at the moment Nanopool has nearly three-quarters of the total hashing power due to the team pointing a lot of hashing power at them to get through this high difficulty stage.

    So they are finding all the blocks, and other pools are getting nothing. But after the difficulty starts reducing things will get back to normal. It just says binding CPU thread and then no hash rates or results. Any reason why this is happening? Does Electroneum pool miner V1.

    Or is an update required? Not getting any shares submitted. No, it stopped working. The software has also been taken down. Switch to xmr-stak instead. The Electroneum pool miner is no longer working after the fork. Use xmr-stak instead.

    Electroneum is migrating to a completely transparent blockchain, where source and destination addresses for transactions will be publicly visible on-chain. The transaction history (for transactions after the v10 hardfork) for any wallet address and the corresponding net balance are also visible on the Electroneum block explorer, which has also Missing: pool miner. electroneum-pool Public archive. JavaScript electroneum-blockchain-explorer Public. C++ 27 40 vendor-php Public. PHP 9 5 electroneum-integrations-wordpress-woocommerce-BETA Public. A BETA release of an ecommerce integration for accepting ETN via wordpress and woocommerce.  · Electroneum Mining Rewards and Electroneum Mining Difficulty. As mentioned, cryptocurrency miners earn rewards for verifying transactions. These are both the transaction fees, as well as a reward set by the code itself. The Electroneum mining reward goes to whichever miner (or pool of miners) solves a complex computer problem.

    I followed the steps, but my miner output shows nothing. What might be the issue? I can mine it easily on my desktop. No, as far as I can tell it is now obsolete. What do you mean mining shares? The balance was probably paid to your wallet address. Take not that shares do not equal the amount of ETN you will receive. Hi, please help.

    It works for the rest of us. Have you tried adding an exception to the miner in your antivirus software?

    electroneum pool miner v1 2 download

    I registered on Electroneum and started mining with my mobile. Saw results in a week and my wallet was updating properly. Now I have a laptop and electroneum computer. Will all 3 my miners mobile, laptop, and desktop add mined ETN coins on the same wallet, or do you suggest all to be on different wallets?

    One wallet is fine for all of them. All three miners will simply perform a transfer from their wallet to yours, so it will work fine. It depends on the current difficulty a measure of how many miners are mining worldwide and the specs of your PC. Do you think I can make same amount or more with my laptop? Right now there are almost certainly some ASICs mining, driving up the difficulty and making download hard for ordinary users to mine.

    Would I get more results if I used multiple mobile devices with the same account? Or I need to use different account for each device? Thanks for your reply. Collected some coins nearly 10and until now it works quite good. Is there any update, when Electroneum mobile miner will be available for iOS? Or is it possible to install it now with Appvalley or something like that?

    This is true. Hello Ben! The team is still working on getting payments through. There were pool problems that arose from high traffic on the ETN blockchain. Some people said that logging out of the app and then logging back in solves the problem for them.

    I have only mined 0. Tried both suggested Easyhash pools. Is the high difficulty situation temporary, or is it expected to continue …. This is an important step, as it sort-of levels the playing field and prevents all the mining power from getting into the hands of a select few who own ASICs. The two does not compare at download, and the difficulty on one does not influence the difficulty on the other.

    So keep that in mind when comparing your profits. Can anyone tell me why? I have the same problem. I even tried to give the. A little help would be great! I set up the miner put in the required fields and click start mining. No hash rate or miner status.

    I am new and I need help. Have you tried to put an exception in your firewall and anti-virus software for electroneumd. The mobile miner seems to have stopped working for me. It made six payouts download issue, but is now stuck with a pending balance of 30 ETN. I was asked to fill out a form a few different pool, which I did.

    I have deleted and uninstalled my antivirus and switched off my firewall after making the exception did not work. Has anyone worked this problem out yet? I have mined some Electromeum which is sitting in my offline wallet. But nothing got transferred. Is there a limit before you can transfer since I only have 40ETN? Just keep on trying to see if it works.

    Any help on this? Using Windows 7 with 64 bit. I need advice. My miner is not showing a hash rate, total share, or bad share. You will probably need to pool a full miner node from the Electroneum downloads page. There is no graphical interface created for Linux. A share only represents the amount of work you have pool to the pool you are mining to.

    The best method is to play around with these settings and see which one gives miner the miner hash rate. All the settings will work on your computer, but the right setting will make it run optimally. Hello Benjamin, I am using a mobile phone and a computer to mine coins. My mobile phone is a cheap Samsung and mines at a Hash Rate or 3 or 4, very slow.

    I have been mining a week and it shows I have 4. My computer mines at a hash rate of between 40 and The Easy Hash shows I have a balance of 3. I thought my computer would generate a lot more with a decent Hash rate. If you can think miner anything I might be doing wrong I would be very happy for your ideas or assistance.

    Mobiles and computers mine on two very different interfaces, so their hash rates have no correlation. Yes, you can mine to your mobile wallet, which will make both your computer and mobile mine to the same wallet. The balance in Easyhash will get transferred to your chosen wallet when the amount reaches the payment threshold.

    Then the ETN should reflect in your mobile wallet. The app uses very little resources to run. It will probably use fewer resources than your browser, Facebook, or Whatsapp. The app will not damage any part of the phone since it is not performing any calculations or using any intensive resources.

    But remember that the download pool also has a payment threshold differs from one pool to another. So your payment will only be paid out once the mined balance on the pool reaches that threshold. My balance has been stuck at 9. That led me to believe something else is broken.

    Wallet address is correct as it is showing up on my stats page as hashing, but the only payouts I seem to be getting are from the Windows and mobile miner. Right now they are shut down so I can really see that nothing is being mined with the Ethos rig. What is going on here? How to withdraw mobile mined ETN to an exchange or another wallet? I have no idea.

    Can you explain? When depositing with an exchange, you will get a wallet miner and a payment ID. In the Electroneum app, click on Send, then scan those two QR codes give to you by the exchange. Also enter how much ETN you wish to send.

    I use the wallet address from my registration on Electroneum. But when I looked at my stats on easyhash. Is it the same wallet? Can I mine to one wallet address, common for my mobile app and desktop? Easyhash will only pay out when your mined balance exceeds a certain threshold.

    Not sure what this miner is. Just be patient, it will come. I think this is the same as mine. I have followed all of your instructions. All of these new programs are suspicious to Windows security because they are not known yet. Very few people have installed miners on their computers, compared to the overall number of Windows users.

    It will take some time for these programs to be considered safe by antivirus programs. But you can be sure that it is safe. I got 5 ETN in two days. Mobiles and computers mine on two different pools. So the amount of users on the computer side does not affect the payout on the mobile side and visa versa. The computer payment rate is governed by the mining difficulty while the mobile payment rate is governed by an algorithm managed by the team.

    You cannot compare the two. The difficulty is the same across the entire mining network. A pool that has more users might mine more blocks, but then the rewards are divided amongst just as many people. It all evens out in the end. The best way to mine faster is to play around with the thread settings or getting faster hardware. The most common problem is that your anti-virus is preventing the miner from communicating with the internet.

    Make an exception in your antivirus and firewall for electroneumd. But I just use it and installed. I exited my anti-virus but still no changes. What can I do please help? You need to create an exception in your anti-virus as well as in your firewall. Most probably due to your anti-virus.

    Can you help me? Waiting for the response? The miner is having problems communicating with the internet due to your anti-virus. Create an exception for the electroneumd. The output rate keeps changing as the pool understands the average miner better. It has increased again yesterday.

    What to do now? And as expected, even with pool gaming i5 CPU, the hash rate is only With over 50 billion coins I wonder how high it will go. Price will only rise with mass adoption of the payments in the west. Mass poor markets are irrelevant download they have no electroneum power and may even drag the price down as they use ETN to pay, after which the networks then redeem ETN for fiat.

    XRP and Stellar are much better options at this stage at least. But I agree with you. If the mass markets keep paying their carriers with ETN and the carriers then sell those for fiat, that will only drive down the price. This will enable people in the Western world miner also spend their ETN on stuff online but will create the same selling cycle as merchants cash out.

    There needs to be some incentive for merchants and networks to keep those coins or pay with ETN for other services. Before going into Electroneum mining, let's start with the basics. Electroneum is a cryptocurrency that is based on another digital coin called Monero XMR.

    It is used to make payments from one person to another. The best pool possibly world-changing part about digital currencies like Electroneum, Monero, and particularly Bitcoin is that no one needs to give you permission to use them. All you need is an internet connection and miner wallet address.

    Like Monero, privacy is a very important part of the Electroneum project. Balances are impossible to look up and no one can tell which wallet a transaction has come from. This means that a user can tell if a Bitcoin was involved in a crime. This is a bad quality for money to have. For example, you might receive a Bitcoin that someone once used to buy drugs or indecent electroneum.

    Even if you received it for something as download as selling something on OpenBazaar electroneum, when you try to spend the Bitcoin elsewhere, the receiver could decide to reject it. This means that both currencies can be considered fungible. Electroneum pool from Monero because the team behind it have tried to make it as easy to use as possible.

    The idea is that getting into cryptocurrency should be as simple as downloading an application to your computer or phone. Today, it can be quite difficult to get hold of some cryptocurrency. This means that many people who want to get into crypto are put off electroneum the various steps it can take. Then there are the fees. Services like Coinbase charge large fees for buying cryptocurrencies.

    This makes it even less likely that poorer miner in developing nations would buy digital currencies. This is unfortunate because digital currencies could have some of the greatest impacts in these countries. Lots of people in these nations might not have bank accounts, but a lot of people in them do have a mobile phone.

    Therefore, the download behind Electroneum miner been keen to develop applications suitable for phone users to mine Electroneum on, as well as to send and receive it. Before I get started with the full Electroneum mining guide, you first need to understand what mining cryptocurrency actually is. Mining is the process of verifying transactions between different users of a cryptocurrency.

    For doing this work, miners are rewarded with coins. The coins come from a block reward more on this later and the fees included with transactions. The fact that miners earn money for the act of mining is important to stop nodes joining together and attacking the network.

    It simply makes more economic sense to play by the rules than it does to cheat the network. Looking for more in-depth information on related topics? We have gathered similar articles for you to spare your time. Take a look! Looking for the highest paying Bitcoin faucet? The special thing about mining Electroneum is how easy it is to get started.

    The Electroneum team wanted to change this. They wanted to create a cryptocurrency that anyone could mine. This should lead to a more decentralized network and one that is stronger against network attack. Electroneum uses a special ASIC-resistant mining code. Download makes it different from Bitcoin, for example.

    These chips are expensive to buy. This makes it impossible for every potential user of Bitcoin to run their own node and mine the currency. Thanks to the way electroneum Electroneum has been designed, even mobile phones can mine it. In this case, mining cryptocurrencies. As mentioned, cryptocurrency miners earn rewards for verifying transactions.

    These are both the transaction fees, as well as a reward set by the code itself. The Electroneum mining reward goes to whichever miner or pool of miners solves a complex computer problem. If the reward is won by a pool, it is shared between that pool of users. As more and more miners start to attempt to solve this complex problem, there become electroneum competitive.

    This means that it gets harder for each individual user to mine successfully. The current miner reward for Electroneum is 6, Any user can win this reward. However, the more processing power hash rate a miner has, the more likely they are to solve the problem.

    Therefore, Electroneum mining pools are a good option for users mining on less powerful devices. If one member does, the others get a share of the reward. There two main ways to mine Electroneum. Users can choose to solo mine or mine as part of a pool. Solo Electroneum mining is only suitable for users with high computing power.

    For Electroneum, this will mean those with dedicated graphics cards on their computers GPUs. This second point is important because Electroneum mining pools have been hacked in electroneum past. The disadvantage of being a solo miner is the waiting time for winning a reward.

    It can take a very long time to earn when mining solo! You can think of it like working for commission. As a car salesperson, for example, you might work many long days without making a single electroneum. Solo miners can work at the problems for ages and not receive anything. They do get all the reward when they finally do solve one though!

    For most users, working as part of an Electroneum mining pool is the best option. It gives them consistent rewards and allows them to mine cryptocurrency without having to use special hardware. Whichever option you decide to choose, once pool mine ETN, you will need to get yourself a reliable wallet. The following step by step guides has been prepared to explain how to mine Electroneum to download who have never mined cryptocurrencies before.

    They are not the most profitable way, but they should serve as an excellent way to introduce people to mining. Unfortunately, this easy guide is only suitable for Windows users at present.

    How To Mine Electroneum With CPU and GPU - paginaswebcolombia.co

    First, you need a secure wallet so that you can store your Electroneum once you start the Electroneum mining. Below I have explained how to create a secure offline wallet. A more functional but less secure wallet can also be created by signing up to Electroneum from their website. The following is a quick guide to setting up an offline wallet.

    Additional security precautions can be found here. They refer to Bitcoin offline wallets rather than Electroneum ones, but the idea is the same. As mentioned earlier, you can also mine Electroneum using a mobile phone. To install the application and register as a user, follow the steps below:. Easy, huh? Fortunately, however, all the software is free, and it is listed on the Electroneum website itself.

    There are also good instructions on how to use these. When Electroneum mining, the amount of ETN you can mine is going to depend on the kind of hardware you are using. Electroneum miners come in all shapes and sizes! Note: The higher the hash rate, the better.

    Electroneum Downloads

    It increases your chances of receiving the mining reward. AMD R9 x :. AMD Radeon Rx :.